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Latest Issues


Mega Babe: Frat Night


Mega Babe looks down on some frat boys thinking they were just troublemakers only to realize they have the upper hand over her!



Myst: Burning Ambition


When a real estate mob tries to make shady business, Myst decides to investigate and stop them.



Myst: Origins


Part American-Japanese and Native American, decorated Marine, police detective, trained ninja. Sara Ono brings her unique talents to bustling Gateway City.


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Mega Babe: Follow the Sun


Aliens that tried to conquer the earth thousand years ago are back for a second attempt!



Mega Babe: Deadly Vengeance


Daemon, the dark shaman is back! While escaping from Lust`s realm he stole some magic devices to help his vengeance against the blonde superbabe.



Mega Babe: Prisoner of Lust - chapter 2 of 2 - Conclusion


Daemon, the dark shaman has defeated Mega Babe and she is trapped. Is this the end of Mega Babe and the return of the Dark God Lust?



Supergirl Parody Series #15: Showdown in Chinatown


Supergirl faces a chinatown gang that wants to challenge her super powers against a martial artist.



Supergirl Parody Series #14: Betrayed


Supergirl rescues a sorcerer only to meet again an old foe. But this time, her nemesis is ready for her.



Mega Babe: Electric Screams


Mega Babe returns on an all new electric adventure. A new villain seeking revenge won't stop until her thirst for retribution is satisfied.

Will Mega Babe be able to stop her?



Mega Babe: The Rod


A new enemy carries a special weapon that might be too much for our heroine to handle.

Will Mega Babe fall to this menace?



Mega Babe: Jail House Whore


A prison riot is at large. And it gets worse when common thugs gained a powerfull ally.

Will Meba Babe sucumbs and become the jail house whore?



Mega Babe: Night of the Huntress - Nill's Variant


Yes you read it right.

A new version of the same tale from issue #6, but this time, made by the great artist Nill.



Supergirl Parody Series #13: He ain't Heavy


Supergirl is attacked by a powerful enemy during a celebration. Fortunately, her friend Batgirl arrives to rescue the Maid of Might. But is this attack over?



Supergirl Parody Series #12: Bewitched


Supergirl must rescue her dear friend Zatanna and face her captors. But what is behind this kidnapping?



Supergirl Parody Series #11: Ascension


Supergirl faces the evil Darkseid as he returns to earth looking for the last kriptonian female.



Supergirl Parody Series #10: Sacrifice


Supergirl gets in te middle of the Female Furies plans to release Darkseid! Will Supergirl prevail against the worse Apokolips has to offer?



Supergirl Parody Series #9: Tamed by Kryptonite Kid


Another Supergirl's Parody series. This time the maid of steel faces the personification of her most feared weakness! A man made of Kryptonite!



Supergirl Parody Series #8: Kidnapped


A new Supergirl Parody serie. Skrull the conqueror wants to make the prophecy becomes reality. And for that, he must take Supergirl as his BRIDE!



Supergirl Parody Series #7: The Beauty and The Bitch


Another adventure from Supergirl's Parody series. Zora or Black Flame as she likes to be called, joins forces with Parasite to defeat Supergirl.



Supergirl Parody Series #6: Hunted


One more chapter from the Supergirl's Parody series. Jax-Ur, an evil kryptonian scientist and sworn enemy of Zor-El, wants to bring his revenge on his enemy's daughter.



Supergirl Parody Series #5: Super Slave


The Supergirl Parody series continues. The evil Zilic teams up with Demonselle to defeat the Maid of Steel. But this time they dont want to destroy her...



Supergirl Parody Series #4: Catfight


The Supergirl Parody series continues. Still struggling against the effects from the drugs that robbed the heroine powers, Supergirl must stop her enemies to create an even worse and powerful version!



Supergirl Parody Series #3: Enter Starfire


Another Supergirl Parody. A drugged Supergirl must fight her enemies without her powers!



Supergirl Parody Series #2: Whipped Out


Another Supergirl Parody. The maid of steel faces 4 evil enemies. Maybe this is too much even for the greatest superheroine.



Supergirl Parody Series #1: Super Slut


Here starts our parodies series. Check out the maid of steel fighting a powerful wizard and his goons.



Mega Babe: Night of the Huntress


A new adventure featuring a new artist. Mega Babe faces a skilled Huntress!



She Perils Comics - Bound by Sex - 2 of 2


The second part from Bound by Sex



She Perils Comics - Bound by Sex - 1 of 2


An old Superheroine comic debuts at She Perils. Silverfox comic was created back in 2003 for another website. In this adventure, she will learn the power of a well known magic lasso.



She Perils Comics - Diamonds are Forever


2 new heroines debuts at She Perils. Invisa and Visiona were created back in 2004 for another website. In this adventure, they will learn Diamonds are not always a girl's best friend as they fight an evil scientist.



Fury: Death of a Goddess


Another old but good. Fury must help her friend escape from the control of an evil duo. But she finds herself alone against 3 different powerful enemies and against her once dear friend.




Mega Babe & Fury: 3 stories - Deathmatch, Betrayal and The Forgotten


Great Deal. 3 different comics in one product. These are short stories that we would like to offer together as a pack. Art by Andes Studio and Xavier.




Mega Babe: Prisoner of Lust - chapter 1 of 2


Daemon, the grand shaman of the dar god Lust is trying to bring his master to this world. Can Mega Babe stop his evil plans? (Part 1 of 2)



Mega Babe: Satanna's Revenge


A deadly duo lures Mega Babe into an evil trap. Captured she must defeat her foes when she can't count on her powers.



Mega Babe: Of Gods and Goddesses


A chance encounter with the Goddess of Love leads Mega Babe into a life and death battle to prevent an ancient artifact from falling into the wrong hands.



Mega Babe: Southside Smackdown


A gang of hoodlums have ambushed and captured the Blonde Superbabe, is it just for kicks or do they have some more sinister objective?



Mega Babe: Origins


Who is she and where did she came from? Learn more about this Mega super heroine. Mega Babe.


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Hot SuperHeroine in Peril Action, Bondage and Ryona, Defeated and Abused. Adult Comics for Sale.

This site is devoted to renderings and drawings and material of costumed super heroines in peril. Warning! This page DOES contain material of a sexual nature. If you do NOT like to see bondage, nudity or sexual activity, leave NOW!


This is fantasy material and in no way we endorse violence nor exploitation of women. This is merely fantasy material based on sexual fantasies about fantasy characters.


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This free area was created so we can post some tests, some ideas and some sketches.


Some of the images here (the majority) are not meant to become comics later. They are just stuff we did at some point.




Fury, daughter of  Freyja, the  Goddess of love and beauty. Fury, herself the  Goddess of light and healing became leader of the valkyrie, the female warriors of Odin, All Father of Asgard. She was also Goddess of earth and healing.


Seeking to take  control of Asgard, the gods Deimos and Loki trap and rape Fury. They hope to lure Freyja and trap her too, but this fails and they destroy Fury instead burying her remains in the polar icecap, Deimos casting a spell binding her body to the ice unless uncovered by a being of equal or greater beauty. He thought that it would not be possible for there to be a creature on Earth of equal beauty to Fury.




Part American-Japanese and Native American, decorated Marine, police detective, trained ninja.


Sara Ono brings her unique talents to bustling Gateway City.


Detective by day and masked vigilante by night this female shinobi hunts evil and crime which are beyond the reach of the authorities.




Katherine Thornton, granddaughter of Cecil Thornton a billionaire industrialist and philanthropist.


She inherited her grand fathers fortune and now runs his multinational corporation.


However it is what she has inherited from her biological father that is more telling. Tirien a humanoid alien from the planet Valerius was a space explorer who regularly visited Earth. On one of his visits he met Katherine’s mother Eileen Thornton. A relationship developed.

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