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Fury, daughter of  Freyja, the  Goddess of love and beauty. Fury, herself the  Goddess of light and healing became leader of the valkyrie, the female warriors of Odin, All Father of Asgard. She was also Goddess of earth and healing.


Seeking to take  control of Asgard, the gods Deimos and Loki trap and rape Fury. They hope to lure Freyja and trap her too, but this fails and they destroy Fury instead burying her remains in the polar icecap, Deimos casting a spell binding her body to the ice unless uncovered by a being of equal or greater beauty. He thought that it would not be possible for there to be a creature on Earth of equal beauty to Fury.


So it was until the lovely young scientist, Rachael Sinclair, came to the North Pole. She uncovered Fury’s remains and absorbed the spirit of the Norse Goddess and all her remaining powers. There are complications to using Fury’s powers on Earth, though, and Rachael does experience power lapses, probably a complication of Fury’s torture by Loki and Deimos.


In order to call upon her god like powers Rachael merely has to speak the name Fury and she will transform. When she is Fury, she is able to fly. She can control all forms of light. As a goddess Fury is also invulnerable and can probably withstand a small neuclear explosion. However she is vulnerable to most god-made weapons, like the spear of Odin or the hammer of Thor. Certain types of dark magic also can harm her. However as the goddess of healing, she heals very quickly and can heal any being around her. As a valkyrie Fury was an expert with a sword and hand to hand combat and few beings on Earth or for that matter the Astral Plain can match her ability.


However in her human form, Rachael wields no god like powers and is vulnerable. As such she retains her secret identity to protect herself and the persons around her.


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Death of a Goddess

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