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Katherine Thornton, granddaughter of Cecil Thornton a billionaire industrialist and philanthropist.


She inherited her grand fathers fortune and now runs his multinational corporation.


However it is what she has inherited from her biological father that is more telling. Tirien a humanoid alien from the planet Valerius was a space explorer who regularly visited Earth. On one of his visits he met Katherine’s mother Eileen Thornton. A relationship developed.


Tirien was of the view that a Valerian-Earthling relationship would not produce a child. However what he did not know was that Eileen Thornton was herself a child of the stars. Her mother, Victoria Thornton also had a liaison with an alien, a Karthinian, with the result that Eileen Thornton was born. Katherine’s grandfather, Cecil Thornton, seems to have some knowledge of Eileen and Victoria Thornton’s background and their alien liaison.


But Katherine knows very little about this, and has yet to find out more.


The combination of Human-Valerian-Karthinian cells gave Katherine incredible powers. She has super strength and can toss a car across a street. Her body is invulnerable and bullets bounce off her skin. She is able to see through buildings, has night vision and can see objects several miles away. She can fly and has very strong sense of smell and hearing. She can breathe in space or under water with ease.


Katherine decided to use her super powers to fight crime and fashioned a costume for herself based on the American flag. When she first made her appearance the citizens of the city of Megapolis where she lives, called her the Mega Babe given her extraordinary beauty and incredible powers and after the city. It is a title she decided to keep.


Mega Babe has weaknesses however.


Her Human-Valerian-Karthinian cells are also unstable and when she is sexually aroused her powers diminish, she can feel pain, she cannot lift large objects. A climax causes her to lose her invulnerability first, then her super strength, and progressively all her powers. She does not know what will happen when all her powers are gone and she is climaxed again. Lately she has discovered that certain magic spells can also sexually arouse and weaken her.


Thus she retains her secret identity to protect herself and her loved ones from those who might seek to prevent her from fighting the forces of evil.


You can find her at:




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