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Meet the most evil and sadistic villains from this universe. These dudes will try to do anything to defeat the heroines.


Meet our VILLAINS:


Brother Grimm

Leader of the Reapers, he is one tough and nasty gangster.


She manages to defeat him and put him behind bars, but Grimm is certain to be back and looking for the Blonde Superbabe.


You can find him at:


Southside Smackdown


A Dark God from Asgard. Vidar is a mean and deceiving god.


The heroines must defeat him and send him back to Asgard. His travels to earth means nothing but trouble.


You can find him at:


Of Gods and Goddesses

Satanna and C.L.A.W.

An evil villainess and her cybernetic partner.


An evil villainess hell bent on riding the world of Mega Babe so she proceed with her plans of world domination. She enlists the help of CLAW, a cybernetics expert to create powerful droids for the sole purpose of destroying the Dynamic Superdoll.


You can find them at:


Satanna's Revenge


The grand Shaman of the dark god Lust.


Mega Babe has to overcome his powerful orgasm spells to prevent him from creating a pathway for Lust to enter our dimension and reign terror on the Earth.


You can find him at:


Prisioner of Lust
chapter 1

chapter 2

Spike & Smasher

A duo made for mayhem.


One has the brains to create the most advanced devices, the other is pure brute force.


You can find them at:


Death of a Goddess

Dark Hawk

A powerful superheroine who turned to the evil side.


She believes that crime pays.


You can find her at:


Death of a Goddess

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